A Revolution in Video Production

There is nothing more powerful than a story to inspire or educate. Online video is our modern form of storytelling. OneStory allows you to ask a question and receive beautiful mini-documentary responses in return - with no editing for the user.

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It’s easy to capture and create edited videos

OneStory videos are recorded on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device, or any computer with a webcam. Gather videos from your neighbourhood or around the world. It’s easy – our recorder guides you through question by question, and edits all the clips together once your done, automatically! Or should we say automagically?!

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Save Cash and Influence People

Imagine the cost of sending a production crew to interview ten people from around North America then edit the video. Now breathe and smile. OneStory can save you between 60-85% on your online video production costs.

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Ask people to "Share your Story" on your own website

We know that you have worked hard to create your website and that you really want to show its amazingness. Our recorder and stories are built to be easily embeddable into your site. We also have white-label options if you REALLY like the idea of having a crowd video capture...all the cool causes and companies are doing it.

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Easy to moderate

If you choose, you can monitor the submitted videos so only stories you approve are posted for your campaign. This allows you to ensure your stories are kept appropriate and of the highest quality.

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Let your Videos do your Fundraising

Stories have the ability to inspire and educate...and also raise money. When you set up a video campaign, you can display your crowdfunding progress, sell tickets, sell products, collect donations and more… and we’re adding more all the time!

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Time to get creative!

Use OneStory at an event video booth, for client testimonials, to get videos from conference speakers, to get people talking about your cause, to hire new employees, to capture your grandmother's life story... do it! OneStory videos can be downloaded and shared in presentations, at conferences, to show your future clients...